Company Profile

Launched in 1993, UniRom Systems is dedicated to providing services which allow information users to maximize the benefits of their information resources.

Publishing Systems

UniRom Systems provides consulting and implementation services for complex publishing projects delivering high value content across multiple media including internet, intranet, DVD/CD, ebook and paper.

We assist our clients in making best use of databases, index servers and mark up systems including SGML or XML and integration with legacy systems. This assistance may include full system lifecycle support from advice on choice of systems, design of data schemes and workflows through to implementation of the working system and ongoing support.

Managing specialist data

UniRom Systems has particular expertise in the areas of legal information management with infolaw and upstream oilfield data management with Hampton Data Services. Our work with infolaw with FreeLegalWeb CIC is mothballed although we are still working on opportunities to build on what we learned during that project.

Business driven websites

Design your database and information stores round the specific workflow requirements of your business and simultaneously update your public web presence. See examples of systems we have created with our clients at infolaw and Sunbird Turkey (English version here).